Rata Global Distribution System»



«Rata Global Distribution System» is one of the major tourism project of this company and its first phase, B2B (Business to Business) was lunched in 2016. Rata, as a GDS system is able to distribute all tourism services to travel agencies. To do so, Rata is capable of receiving a variety of services from providers and share them with other travel agencies.

Among many tourism services of RATA system, followings can be mentioned:

  • Selling refundable and non-refundable tickets from various Airlines
  • Selling domestic train tickets
  • Booking hotels and tourist centers
  • Selling tickets for interurban buses
  • Visa issuance
  • Issuance a variety of travel insurance
  • Booking tours
  • Transfer services
  • And so on…

Rata B 2 B system allows travel agencies to provide all the services they require to offer their costumer. Therefore; they will be able to respond them in a very short period of time, they will also be able to upgrade their service productivity.


Some advantages of RATA Tourism System

√ Secure and direct purchases from tourism providers

√ Easy to work with, without needs of special courses such as Gabriel and Amadeus

No need to enter into multiple contracts with providers and provide warranties

√ Retain customers’ information and use it at next purchases

√ Cash and credit facilities and receive online financial reports

√ Enjoy CRM system to be in touch with customers continuously

√ Get the commission right after your purchase

√ The ability to provide multiple user account for counters

√ The possibility to compare various tourism products